Ancient Arts Fellowship

Medieval reenactment in Canberra

This is the official website of the Ancient Art Fellowship (AAF), one of Australia's oldest continually running medieval reenactment groups.

Are those real swords?

Yes, they're real. They're made from real steel, according to real designs. There are two main ways in which our swords differ from swords that actual Vikings would have used in battle. First, our swords are blunt for safety. Second, our swords are made from high-quality modern carbon steel. A genuine Viking's sword would have been much sharper, but out of poorer steel.

Isn't it dangerous?

No. We train twice a week to ensure that what we do is fun and safe. We have a training syllabus that has been developed over many years, and our longest-serving training officers have over twenty years of experience. While we cannot guarantee a complete lack of injuries, the vast majority of incidents are minor scrapes and bruises, and even these are quite rare. In short, you will get much more badly injured playing football.

Where do you get your gear?

We make a lot of it ourselves. Almost all of our 'soft' costume is made by our members, as are many of our helmets. Gear that is too difficult or time-consuming to make such as swords and riveted mail armour can be purchased from a number of different outlets.

Can anyone join?

Membership is open to anyone. If you are under 16 years old, we will require parental permission. We have male and female members, covering a wide span of ages. More information about joining.

Can I be a knight?

Yes, if that's what you want. Our 'core period' is the Viking/Saxon/Norman age, which is two to three hundred years or more before the typical 'knight in shining armour' appeared. We encourage members to acquire gear representing one of our three core cultures before branching out into other periods.

I don't live in Canberra. Can I still join?

You could, but there wouldn't be much point. We'd be happy to take your money, but all of our activities take place in and around Canberra. However, there are a number of other clubs all over the country. Perhaps there's one near you!

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